What does “Green” mean?

Looking through the list of projects that have received funding as part of Bristol’s 2015 Green Capital events I can’t see many that are “green”.
I mean £37,500 to Treesong Bristol 2015 “To create music from fruit falling from a tree – will be set up as a public display and a series of performances”.

Or £50,000 to the People’s republic of Stokes Croft to “Install shipping containers at the Bearpit roundabout in Bristol and encourage local artists to debate green issues through art form and growing produce on the site”.

I admit I’m not an “arty” type – science has always been my passion so perhaps I’m missing something? But to me being green means protecting our planet. Reducing the poisons we pour into the air, water and soil. Preserving the habitat of plants, trees, animals, birds and and fish and thereby our habitat too. Above all it means cutting greenhouse gases so we don’t cook the planet.

I just can’t see how these projects do this. Even the worthwhile ones don’t look green. For example £41,200 to Playing out CIC for “Scaling up the work of playing out across the city to all neighbourhoods”.

Encouraging children to get outside and play is a really good ideal. Indeed if we want to win the 2026 world cup we need to get every primary age schoolboy kicking a ball around after school. But what’s green about it?

Stephen Williams did a really good job getting this money for Bristol but I think the “watermelons” have hijacked it. They’re going to make Bristol a laughing stock. Charlotte Leslie has already said “Bristol Green capital is a load of Green smoke”

Bristol West is supposed to have more Ph.Ds living in it than any other constituency. We ought to be able to make a real difference. We won’t.

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