European Union

Why I’m a remainer

Today is 31st October 2019 and I’m delighted we’re not leaving the EU.

My Father was born in Berlin. He was just 18 in 1939. There were 32 young men in his class and they had all just got their entrance to University. By 1945 there was only my Father and one other left alive. I’m 69 and I’ve never had to fight a war or even join the army. We have had the longest period of peace in Europe since Roman times. That is because we have cooperation in Europe instead of conflict.

You may think my Father was particularly unlucky. He wasn’t.  Warsaw was a city of 1.3 million people in 1939. When the Russians “liberated” it in 1945 there were 163,000 left. The truth is that because Britain hasn’t been invaded since 1066 people here have no ideal how terrible war really is.

I want a safe world for our children and Grandchildren. Staying in the EU is the best way to ensure peace in Europe. It’s also the best way to go about stopping climate change. We certainly can’t do that on our own!